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12 April 2022
Beirut, April 12, 2022: During a press conference held at BDD, various business organizations and private sector associations launched an awareness campaign named “LEBANON OUTSOURCING
25 March 2022
A Light in the Darkness... Lebanon’s Bank Governor Riad Salameh just announced that the Central Bank will lift subsidies on fuel imports. An inevitable decision
25 March 2022
World leaders are moving rapidly today to face the consequences of climate change, which is an outcome of man’s interference in the nature of the


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Lebanon`s Industry Pulse

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Amid all the turmoil wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis, we at The Exclusive are offering a new way to use our platform to support Lebanese businesses. 

Lebanon`s Industry Pulse is an editorial supplement created to support and contribute to the communication of the biggest exporting manufacturers (non-food) during these challenging times. It is a premium exclusive business marketing PR instrument, designed to promote Lebanon`s Industries.    

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If the last years have taught us anything is that the only way going forward is to take every day as it comes. In 2020, we thought that COVID-19 changed our world. Living in Lebanon since then has definitely shown us that our biggest quality is our ability to adjust our behavior in this changing environment. We have been through fuel crisis, blackouts, hyperinflation, lack of medication, including the worst economic crisis of the last 150 years. How did these circumstances change the Lebanese industry? What have we learned and how did industrialists move forward! Check out the latest news from Lebanon`s industry!