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The Energy Efficiency Marathon is bringing together experts and companies aiming at creating awareness on energy efficiency. The virtual marathon of webinars will be held from the 15th  of February until the 3rd of March 2022.

This first virtual Marathon was created to cover the ten most important topics related to Energy Efficiency. Discovering new technologies, new project implementations, and network with companies from more than 10 countries, in dedicated B2B matchmaking sessions.

As an international annual gathering, the Marathon sets out to become the premier event in the MENA that promotes an energy efficiency ethic to drive action in the region. Policy-makers, local governments, NGOs, and business leaders are encouraged to participate in an open dialogue that expresses national and worldwide views on energy efficiency and the resulting impact on the environment, national security, and economic growth. With the emphasis on efficient use of our energy resources, it will help to elevate the understanding of energy efficiency issues in political debate and identify the repercussions on businesses.

The event will kick start on the 15th of February 2022, with a launch and networking. The perfect occasion to launch our media awareness campaign “Act Responsible. Think Sustainable”. The campaign aims to create awareness on a national level for energy efficiency, water efficiency, and waste management, covering schools, individuals, businesses, and communities. The rest of the sessions will be in a virtual format with B2B matchmaking sessions available every day.

The Energy Efficiency Marathon is a perfect networking platform that will create new international business ventures and investment opportunities in the area of sustainable and energy-efficient program development, as well as to connect regional governmental representatives, national and international institutions, and authorities with private companies.

The marathon will end with the Energy Efficiency Forum: “Global trends for local impact” will review the latest research on energy conservation and new technologies, people desires, as translated in general public policies, financial mechanisms – all are aligned for targeting prosperous and secure societies without damaging the environment, in a few decades from now. The focus will be on the opportunities of an energy-efficient economy, covering three key areas: energy efficiency as a global tool for climate mitigation, challenges in sustainable building, and energy efficiency in the industrial sector.