Energy Strategies Summit 2023

Location: Beirut

Date: 19th of October, 2023


The Energy Strategies Summit - a dynamic hub of industry expertise, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, designed to drive forward Lebanon's energy sector.

This year's edition will take place on October 19, 2023, featuring a hybrid format that combines physical and virtual venues for energy industry stakeholders. The Energy Strategies Summit presents a captivating blend of insightful panel discussions, engaging workshops, networking opportunities, and a dynamic B2B matchmaking platform, enabling companies to showcase their offerings, and initiatives, and foster meaningful connections.

In 2020, The Energy Strategies Summit emerged as a groundbreaking event, originating from the vision to revitalize and reshape Lebanon's energy sector. With a mission to prepare the industry for a new era, this knowledge and exchange platform was born.

Amidst unprecedented challenges, the inaugural edition of The Energy Strategies Summit brought together luminaries from the energy field, gathering some of the brightest minds to share their insights and explore what lay ahead for Lebanon. It served as a catalyst for transformative ideas, fostering collaboration, and igniting innovation.

Building upon the success of its inaugural year, The Energy Strategies Summit has grown to become an annual milestone, consistently pushing the boundaries of knowledge and progress within the energy sector.

Now, fast forward to the present day, as anticipation mounts for the upcoming edition scheduled for September 22, 2023. The organizers have adopted a hybrid format, integrating physical and virtual spaces, enabling industry stakeholders to engage from diverse locations and transcend geographical boundaries.

At the core of The Energy Strategies Summit lies a compelling amalgamation of elements. Analytic panel discussions, interactive workshops, and in-person networking opportunities form the backdrop of this exceptional event. Furthermore, an interactive B2B matchmaking platform has been introduced, providing a digital arena where local, regional, and international companies can shine a spotlight on their products, services, and projects. This platform serves as a nexus for forging strategic alliances and cultivating meaningful connections within the energy sector.

As the Energy Strategies Summit continues to evolve, it remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering the energy industry, propelling it toward a sustainable and prosperous future. With each passing year, the event stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of Lebanon's energy community, poised to lead the way in embracing new technologies, ideas, and collaborative ventures.

The history of The Energy Strategies Summit reflects a journey of knowledge sharing, innovation, and the collective drive to steer Lebanon's energy sector into an era of transformation and progress.

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