On the 5th of November 2020, the 3rd branch (Electrical Engineers) with the Lebanese Women Engineers Committee of the Order of Engineers and Architects, in collaboration with World Elite Solutions, publisher of The Exclusive Lebanon`s Business Guide, organizes the most important event of the autumn for the Lebanese energy industry: Energy Strategies Summit 2020, under the Patronage of H.E. Prime Minister Hassan Diab. This year’s edition summons the most influential decision makers in Lebanon`s energy industry in a hybrid format, for an extensive analysis of the national, regional and corporate strategies.
            Energy Strategies Summit 2020 means over 30 speakers – senior officials from the Government and institutions, top managers, savvy representatives of professional associations, Lebanese and foreign experts will have the opportunity to speak their minds in front of their peers.
At the Energy Strategies Summit - Mapping the Future - we will address the hot topics of the moment for the Lebanese and regional energy industry, in 4 thematic sessions for the leaders of thought in the most dynamic organizations to share their views on strategies for integration, strategies for sustainability, strategies for technology, and strategies for cooperation, moderated by top experts specialized in the energy issues. We will take competent look at the most prominent sectors, among which Oil & Gas, Renewables, fair competition, Power - generation, transport and distribution, Smart Cities - energy efficiency, cogeneration, e-mobility. Energy Strategies Summit aims at providing all those interested - Government, Parliament, public authorities, external partners etc. with insights from companies and experts.
            Lebanese energy industry is currently navigating in the troubled waters moved by three types of strategies: in the field strategies, national strategies and global strategies. Energy Strategies Summit aims at providing all those interested with insights on possible approaches and actual projects for them to draw a better image of their future steps.
In the field strategies means simply adapting on the stringent needs of their day to day business. Influenced by sudden changes in the market, instability of currency and political scene, or by unexpected, unannounced and unprepared global events, companies and authorities have to take decisions and change their direction for staying afloat.
           National strategies means, in Lebanon`s case, the 2019 updated policy paper for the electricity sector, the existing National Renewable Energy Action Plan for 2016-2020, but also the IRENA: Lebanon Energy Outlook, released in June 2020 and all the other sectorial strategies impacting the energy industry (infrastructure, agriculture, environment etc.). People and companies have to take all these into account when trying to prepare for the (near) future.
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1st Plenary Discussion (Panel Discussions and Q&A)

Strategies for integration

In energy staying inside your box condemns you to irrelevance. More and more companies decide to take action outside their traditional field or outside national borders, in order to capitalize new opportunities or to minimize anticipated perils: from power generation to energy supply, from natural gas production to electricity and maybe further, from downstream oil to e-vehicles infrastructure. Some case studies and insights from top level decision makers.

 2nd Plenary Discussion (Panel Discussions and Q&A)

Strategies for sustainability

Predictability is what companies want and what their shareholders appreciate most. This is even more so when the outside climate is stormy, and it takes great stamina to keep direction. From different fields, the speakers will comment on the challenges they met, providing us with their diagnosis and their solutions. They will also present us with their forecasts on how each of them prepare for the further developments in their sector.

3rd Plenary Discussion (Panel Discussions and Q&A)

Strategies for technology

Most of us believe that there is a technology for each of our professional needs. Strangely enough, it seems like technology has solutions even for needs that we do not identify as such yet. The vendors build upon our needs and threats, and most of the times they also stumble upon new and better ways of solving our riddles. It is, thus, of uttermost importance to discover what sorts of equipment, devices and software is available now, and what it will be on the market in the near future. It might be an answer to lack of manpower, or to cyber attacks, or to environmental requirements, or to setting overambitious targets, or to fast a business growth, or …

4th Plenary Discussion (Panel Discussions and Q&A)

Strategies for cooperation

Depending on where you stand, the energy industry looks different. However, for most of us, this is a team play, where cooperation, trust and good faith make 1+1 to exceed 2. It has become clearer every year that coal needs renewable or gas or hydro; that green needs gas or coal or storage; that suppliers need generation; that new money comes where subsidies are and that state-own companies make most of their strong rating when they bring together expertise and extra financing from private actors. A conversation on possible forms of cooperation for strengthening the energy sector.


Keynote speechers:

Keynote speechers:

Live Session: Smart Mobility - Leveraging technology, financing to
 accelerate implementation and avoiding becoming obsolete

Live Session: Renewable Energy Investments in Lebanon - 
Opportunities to scale up and flexible financing instruments

Live Session: Industrial and Agricultural uses for Solar Energy

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