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The Healthcare Infrastructure & Innovation Summit is a day dedicated to bringing a group of stakeholders – with a unique cross-section of expertise, community involvement, and experiences within the healthcare system - together to identify the preferred future of health care in Lebanon and the region.


The Healthcare Infrastructure & Innovation Summit strives to initiate a number of calls to action for all stakeholders – both patients and providers alike - that will build a solid foundation for delivering high quality, safe patient care and answer questions like what do the people of Lebanon and the region want out of their healthcare experience and how do we grow a meaningful and sustainable patient-centered system?


Bringing together dynamic and inspirational speakers serves as the framework for sparking conversation during the Health Infrastructure & Innovation Summit and provides the fundamental and thought-provoking information that is the key to developing a well-rounded, informed, action-oriented strategy.


The overall day is comprised of innovative speakers, a networking luncheon, B2B virtual matchmaking sessions, and an interactive information gathering session with all participants to help build the basis used to develop a comprehensive call to action strategy.


The Healthcare Infrastructure & Innovation Summit will open our minds to new approaches to creative problem solving, honest conversations about social issues, and ways to use innovative thinking and technology to improve the patient care experience. The Healthcare Infrastructure & Innovation Summit will shift away from sharing ideas regarding a wide variety of solution-based ideas and discussions, to a more focused and crucial conversation regarding the complex healthcare challenge: the need for innovations in the healthcare infrastructure and how we could implement them in the Lebanese healthcare system, business models and strategies from the region, the importance of a stable energy supply in a functional system, driving sustainability of innovations, infrastructure, and built environment, the importance of a framework of understanding innovation in healthcare management.