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Hailed as "Woman In Solar of the Year", Joumana El Hosri, Chief Executive Officer at Sacotel Znshine, was honored byMiddle East Solar Industry Association” (MESIA) Awards 2021.

The industry’s premier 2021 Solar Awards ceremony, organized by the Middle East Solar Industry Association in its ninth edition, was held on the 25th of May, 2021 in Dubai.

MESIA recognized and celebrated exceptional talent and achievements in the MENA solar market. The event was sponsored by Huawei, LONGI, Sungrow, Nextracker, Jinko Solar, and Siraj Power.

Role Model Joumana El Hosri

El Hosri, who is considered now as a role model and an inspiration for women worldwide, dedicates this award to all working mothers and women and encourages them “to put their hearts in work, especially in solar energy”, knowing that the world is suffering from devastating consequences of climate changes. CEO of  Sacotel Znshine spoke for every woman in the middle east. She is happy, she said, being recognized by MESIA.

Being the only non-Chinese in the first joint venture of its kind in the region, El Hosri appreciates bridging between the 2 cultures.

Under her guidance, JV has put SacotelZnshine in a leading position as a supplier of solar panels in the Middle East market when Znshine had won DEWA tender for solar modules that were supplied for 5000 villas in Dubai in 2019.

She is also a board member of the Fernand Hosri Group. It was founded in 1966 by her father Mr. Fernand Hosri, operating in different fields of activities in the Middle East such as Renewable Energy, telecommunications, Security, Fire suppression, FMCG, Office equipment, and Insurance brokerage.

Graduated from the SORBONNE University (Paris), beyond her expertise, Joumana El Hosri is a leader in every way possible, she is charismatic and passionate about her work. Her positive energy and optimism are contagious and empowering. She believes firmly in human capital and invests heavily in the relations with company stakeholders, and nurtures long-term relationships based on trust and honesty.

She is very ethical and reputed for communal involvement and social responsibility. She has led the company to become part of the UNGC (United Nation Global Compact).

She has received many other awards among which the “Energy Awareness Award” from UNDP and IPTEC and “Visionary Leader of the Year” at the Construction Innovation Awards both in 2019.

Joumana smiled when she said: I find Woman in Solar describes me so well as in record time I became an expert and a reference in Solar in the ME powered by the passion of solar energy and empowered by peer mentorship. I learned from the best, I learned fast and worked hard and Woman in Solar highlights perfectly well my new identity. Thank you MESIA

MESIA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that aims to promote solar power in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

01 October 2021

Joumana El Hosri, Woman In Solar of the Year by MESIA