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Web Summit, Lisbon, 13-16th November 2023


Web Summit runs the world’s largest technology events, connecting people and ideas that change the world. Web Summit is proud of its track record when it comes to live events. The Guardian called Web Summit “Glastonbury for geeks”; The Financial Times “the world’s largest tech conference”.


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Energy Strategies Summit 2023


The upcoming Energy Strategies Summit's third edition will feature more than 20 speakers, including senior officials from the Government and regulatory bodies, top executives from leading corporations, knowledgeable representatives of professional associations, as well as Lebanese and international experts, who will have the chance to share their thoughts and opinions with their colleagues.

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Women in Energy Summit 2023


The "Women in Energy Summit" seeks to unite women working in the energy sector across the MENA region to promote women's participation in the industry, enhance gender capacity, and address the challenges that women face in this male-dominated field. The opportunity to develop sustainable capacity for renewable energies, hydrogen, hydropower, geothermal energy, and bioenergy, as well as to discover major oil and natural gas reserves, creates a space for women to be enterprising in the energy business and contribute to sustainable energy development.