The Exclusive - Investment Forum - an iconic knowledge and exchange platform bringing together the global investment, a mix of several analytic panels, round tables, interactive workshops and a defining modular themed exhibition, will be held at Beirut, between 2-4th of September 2020.


Beirut is the crossroad of the three continents, the place where East meets the West and one of the key destinations of the Middle East. With a free-market economy, a sophisticated banking system, skilled workforce and an exceptional lifestyle, Lebanon offers a large number of investment opportunities in all sectors of the Lebanese national economy.

As a point of entry to a large regional market encompassing major Arab countries and reaching into Iran, Eastern Europe, part of North Africa - it is the perfect place to unite people, business and countries.


Between 2nd and 4th of September 2020, Beirut becomes the meeting place of more than 1200 investors, world thinkers, world changers, leaders, influencers, governmental and media representatives. For 2 days and 3 nights, leaders from banking, real estate, energy and power, technology and tourism gather at The Exclusive - Investment Forum, to discuss local, regional and global problems and investment opportunities.


The Exclusive - Investment Forum is an independent knowledge and exchange platform bringing together the global investment.

The purpose of the forum is to bridge the gap between different perspectives to come to a shared understanding and create lashing partnerships.

The Forum aims at achieving this through interactive keynote presentations and panel discussions with leaders in IG – banking, real estate, energy and water, technology and tourism, influencers and entrepreneurs, as well as sector-specific breakout sessions with industry specialists, blended with plenty of networking time in an intimate and laid-back environment.


The Exclusive - Investment Forum integrates 14.000 sqm of exhibition, conferences and workshop rooms, lounges and networking spaces. More than 225 speakers will analyze, during the 3 days, trends and the global outlook for real estate, banking, energy and power, technology, industry and tourism. 3 side evening events will offer delegates extraordinary business networking opportunities.


The congress program will be structured in 7 themes, Banking and Financial Services, Energy, Water and Power; Future of Real Estate, Industries Trends, Innovative Technologies, Tourism and Global Outlook and Opportunities; and will cover topics such as Digitalization of Banking, Climate Change, Future of Renewable Energy, Future of Connectivity, Circular Economy, Smart Mobility, Investment Opportunities and others.     


During the whole event, an exhibition promoting real estate investments, technologies, energy and power projects, banking and financial services, hospitality services and tourism projects, foreign investments agencies and country pavilions, will be open for over 15.000 visitors.


Registration for the event is available through passes purchased online on With general cost between 349 and 1299 USD, early booking available until 15th January and tailored corporate multi passes available at The access at the exhibition is free, but it needs online registration.


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The Exclusive - Investment Forum - uniting people, businesses, countries, inspiration and success for your projects in 2020! Rediscover your business potential at The Exclusive - Investment Forum!

Rediscover your business potential at The Exclusive - Investment Forum!

16 February 2020

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