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Forum objectives:

 - Enhance coordination among multilateral stakeholders and their development partners to better develop sustainable, accessible, resilient, and quality infrastructure for Lebanon.
 - Focus on how the government and their working partners can attract more resources for infrastructure.
 - In the context of COVID-19, there will be a focus on ‘building back better’ through resiliency and mitigation of future pandemic impacts.
This is a pivotal moment in the history of infrastructure. Aging and inadequate networks and systems are holding back economic growth and social prosperity. But change is coming fast. Innovative solutions and new approaches are evolving to provide the tools and resources required to deliver the safe, secure and resilient infrastructure we need. As we enter this new era, "The Future of Infrastructure Conference & Expo" provides insights from leading industry professionals and governmental representatives on what should be next in the story of Lebanese infrastructure.

We believe that genuine partnerships between policy makers and the leaders of the public and private sectors are critical to improving the governance, provision and procurement of infrastructure within Lebanon. “The Future of Infrastructure Conference & Expo” is an important forum to explore frameworks that will help increase the quality of Lebanon’s infrastructure.
The event connects some of the nation’s leading business, policy and political decision makers with regional experts ensuring high quality debate. The program is carefully constructed to provide guests with the opportunity to engage industry leaders, investors, experts, key Ministers and bureaucrats from across the nation, as well as international guests.
Speakers will delve deep into issues including the rise of cloud-based infrastructure; how to attract financing; using the economic rebuild to make assets more sustainable; how mobility and transport usage will change, and what the sector can do to meet this new demand; as well as what nation rebuilding will look like post-COVID, the new waves of innovation for the sector and many more.



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