Celebrating sustainability
The Exclusive Sustainability Awards recognize and celebrate Lebanese who are leading the way to a sustainable future.

The awards reflect the action that is happening across industry, business and community.

The Exclusive Sustainability Awards will announce 7 category winners at the awards presentation, to be held in May 2021 in Beirut.

We are proud to have this opportunity to recognize and reward Lebanese who are leading the way in sustainable innovation and practices across all sectors within Lebanon.

How to enter

Entries will be open for The Exclusive Sustainability Awards 2021 between May and August 2020.
Entering the awards is a great chance to reflect on your project, share the achievements of your initiatives to a wider audience and be recognized as a leader in sustainability. Finalists are announced in October and promoted to customers, media and local community throughout Lebanon. Entering is as simple as deciding you have a project that you want to enter and submitting your entry, you don’t have to be nominated.

In 2020 entrants are required to respond to five questions about their project that was completed in 2019 or the stage of the project you are entering was completed in 2020, When you submit the entry include documentation such as graphs or media coverage, photos or videos to support the response.
The five questions are:
What were the objectives of your initiative? (300 words maximum)

How were sustainability principles and processes embedded into your initiative? (300 words maximum)

What were your sustainability outcomes and results? (300 words maximum)

How did your initiative engage stakeholders and use partnerships to achieve sustainable outcomes? (300 words maximum)

How could your initiative be continued or expanded in the future? (300 words maximum)

Entry close date is final, there will be no extensions provided.

Your entry information will be securely saved and confidential.
Your entry


Why enter the Awards?
Great reasons to enter
Have your achievements recognised through The Exclusive Sustainability Awards and share your sustainability initiative with Lebanon.
Entering is a matter of consolidating the information that you already have to tell your story. Be recognised and rewarded for implementing sustainable practices and showing innovation in the sustainable use of Lebanon’s resources.
Entering is easy and free: The submission process is simple to complete and our team can assist you with any queries you may have.

Publicity: If you go on to become a finalist, a media release will be written and distributed on your behalf, and social media content provided. Media outreach includes sustainability media, local councils, industry, representative bodies, suburban and regional media and social media channels. All publicity materials are provided to finalists. Receive public recognition at the highest level in the state.

Share the learnings: The Awards are a great platform to tell your inspiring story, and hear from others. Entrants are amongst the most innovative sustainability leaders in Lebanon – you’ll be sure to learn something new.

Be recognised: Attain acknowledgement for the innovative work, expertise and vision demonstrated by your organisation. Enhance your community standing and corporate reputation by demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

Review and reflect: Entering the Awards is a great opportunity to reflect on the successes you and your organisation have achieved in sustainability. It's also a great way to demonstrate to your staff that their efforts in sustainability are publicly recognised.

Networking opportunities: If you are a finalist, you’ll be invited to attend the Awards ceremony in May 2021, where you’ll have a chance to network with environmental, industry and government groups and industry peers. And maybe even win!

So what are you waiting for?

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