The Exclusive  Investment Guide is a premium exclusive business marketing PR instrument, designed to promote investment opportunities  with distribution including on international markets, with the scope to facilitate through details and information new contracts and partners, clients, etc. The Exclusive Investment Guide is also an inspirational and business development tool, due to the specialized services of companies promoted in association with the key projects available on the market.
Focused on several markets and with projects presented in dedicated chapters, the investment guide will be printed and distributed in 100.000 printed copies at B2B conferences and trades in Asia, Middle East and Europe and will be available online.

Official launches (might changed) :

- The Exclusive Lebanese Investment Guide - May 2020

- The Exclusive Efficient Technologies - October 2020

- The Exclusive Luxurious Towers - November 2020

- The Exclusive Qatari Investment Guide - August 2020

- The Exclusive Egyptian Investment Guide - August 2020

- The Exclusive Kuwaiti Investment Guide - September 2020
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