Lynda’s strongest passion is serving entrepreneurs, small business and startups to grow and reach higher revenues. This was the reason behind her actual position as certified business coach , instructor at the Antonine University and Global Business School Barcelona -GBSB. Lynda has delivered a wide number of entrepreneurship programs with UNDP Lebanon, UNICEF, INJAZ Lebanon, Challenge to Change “C2C”, Nawaya Network, Asher Center, Farah Social Foundation and lately with Berytech, Goethe Institute “Fantasmeem” & Fondation DIANE where the focus was on training and capacity building online webinars using the SwitchMED green entrepreneurship methodology and recently SwitchMED training of trainers. Lynda has participated in several programs as online mentor for startups in Armenia, Palestine & Tunisa. Social entrepreneurship is part of Lynda's journey as she's delivered several trainings in Lebanon & Egypt. She's part of the EcoSwitch Coaltion - a network of organisations that support eco-entrepreneurs in Lebanon. With more than 15 years of professional work experience, Lynda holds a Master Degree in Finance from the Lebanese University in collaboration with University Pierre-Mendes France, Grenoble II and AixMarseille. She is currently perusing her PhD Lynda is a defender of gender equality and her motto in life is “View every problem as an opportunity”

The "Women in Energy Summit" aims to bring together women in the energy sectors from across the MENA region to mainstream the participation of women in the sector, build capacity for gender enhancement for women and address numerous challenges facing Women in this male-dominated industry.

The sustainable capacity development for renewable energies, hydrogen, hydropower development, geothermal energy, and bioenergy and the discovery of major oil and natural gas reserves is an opportunity for women to endeavor enterprising in the energy business to contribute immensely to sustainable energy development; inclusively to add more women into key decision-making positions and involvement in energy capital project.

The conference aims to foster women’s participation in the energy business and to leverage gender challenges affecting women from getting involved in energy capital projects. Through this platform we endeavor to significantly push women’s ambitions in the energy sectors by creating a platform to provide essential support to women entrepreneurs in the energy business, environmentalists, women in management key decision-making positions and to address important concerns facing women engineers in the energy sector. This convention is an important platform to support transformation and to push the energy sector toward the move to foster gender equality.

This platform will offer women in energy an opportunity to influence government policies to address inequalities in the sectors and build a growing network of women in the industry and offer support for one another in entrepreneurship, management promotions, decision making and obtaining funding for women entrepreneurs for energy capital projects development and implementation.

CWEEL Lunch and Keynote Presentation

Keynote speaker: Lynda Achkouty Mouawad

Join us for a captivating afternoon of networking, knowledge sharing, and inspiration at the CWEEL Lunch and Keynote Event. Immerse yourself in the electric energy as industry leaders and professionals convene to discuss the latest trends, advancements, and opportunities in the world of energy and environmental leadership. Indulge in a delectable lunch while eagerly awaiting the thought-provoking keynote address that promises to ignite your passion for sustainable innovation. Don't miss this exceptional gathering that will empower you to make a difference and drive positive change in the energy sector.

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